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Courses in Singing:


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6 gange, fra 9. februar 2023 - 16. marts


Coming up:

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Update course


1-2 days, taylored for singing teachers

For more info and booking:

International course

5 competent teachers will guide you through  a course that will inspire you and strengthen you professionally. 


Early bird price!

More information and booking via

SoMe feedback

Ann-S: "Superlärare"

Lise: "Fra øverste hylde"

Katja: "Dream Team"

Hege: "For et team!"

Previous courses:

KIS - ÅRHUS 2021.png

Aarhus feedback

Sara: "Det var så MEGA fedt"

Christina: "Super dygtige undervisere gjorde dagen helt speciel. Jeg tager en masse med mig"

Gitte: "Tak for nogle dejlige timer"


The course is predominantly aimed at professional singers, actors and dancers, but others are also welcome to contact us for an individual assessment .


In response to the need expressed by many  colleagues in the music business, we are arranging and offering an “Analog Singing Course”, focusing on your voice, social contact and mutual inspiration. 


In April 2021 we will present our first "update course" for singing teachers. For more information about this 1 day course, please contact


In September 2021, we will offer af 2 day course in Aarhus.

More info: Facebook-link

We are planning other courses in the future in collaboration with TeaterSpectrum Copenhagen.

The content of the course will be geared to match the needs of the enrolled singers, actors and dancers. 

An international 4 day course will be taught in English.

More info to come.


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