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   About us

'Kurser i Sang' (Singing Courses) is a cooperative of professional coaches with a common goal. The 'Kurser i Sang' team combines decades of professional performing, training and coaching experience in multiple disciplines.  As colleagues we share a strong set of values and a sincere desire to help each individual singer. 

In cooperation with TeaterSpektrum (located in the middle of Copenhagen), 'Kurser i Sang' offers 3 unique courses designed for professional artists: singers, dancers, actors. Courses are taught in Danish or English.


The English course is a 5 day course. All courses are taught personally by a team of Copenhagen's most respected vocal coaches.


We've asked what professional artists need and designed these courses to address these needs. We will focus on your vocal, professional networking, social needs and creating an atmosphere for mutual inspiration. 


Our passion is sharing knowledge, experience and know how. 'Kurser i Sang' will offer recurrent courses for professionals with a foundation in singing, acting & dancing. All musical genres are welcome. 


'Kurser i Sang' coaches are available for private individual coaching. Book our entire team for lectures and workshops for groups of all sizes. Hand pick our coaches to create the team of teachers for your event whose expertise corresponds best to your individual/group needs…. 


Our team has worked together closely for 15 years. We work harmoniously and seamlessly to create an atmosphere of support, learning and trust.


We share a common vocal technical foundation in Singing/Voice Technique. We worked for many years together as instructors at Complete Vocal Institute. At CVI we created & designed courses, curriculums, systems and instructed 100's of singers and singing teachers. 

Over the years each team member has continued expanding his/her personal areas of expertise, knowledge and skill sets as international teachers and performers at venues of all sizes. Together we cover a broad spectrum of disciplines in the fields of music, theater, sound design, psychology and pedagogy. 


We look forward to sharing more details with you. Please contact us using the contact form below. 



Your 'Kurser i Sang' Team


Lise Liv Skovgaard, Tine Ott, Niels HP, Ole Rasmus Møller and Jakob Rosendal







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